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What is a workation?

Recently workations have increased in popularity. Why not add some work days to your holiday? Or add some extra holidays to your work trip. 

During a workation, individuals typically bring their laptops or other work devices and maintain their regular work schedule or commitments while taking advantage of the leisure and recreational opportunities available in the destination. This could include exploring tourist attractions, engaging in outdoor activities, or simply relaxing in a new environment.

Top countries in Europe

Why work at the office?


Advantages of a workation

Workations can have many advantages:

a break from the office
work at inspiring places
flexible work hours
relaxation in a new environment
meeting new people
focused time for a special project
and many more

Top hotels in Europe

Eden Hotel – Amsterdam

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  • Free WiFi
  • Conference room

Catalonia Plaza Mayor – Madrid

from € 100/night

  • Sustainable
  • Free WiFi
  • Gym

Al Manthia Hotel – Rome

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Why a workation?

Why not? Why could you not try a workation? Or you can turn it around: why work at the office? There are so many reasons why it can be a great experience. 

Do you need some extra inspiration? Do you need some focused time to finish that special project? Or do you simply want to work somewhere else?

2-people-working on a beach

Type of accommodation

There are a lot of options when it comes to accommodation for a workation. Which accommodation is the best for you?

hotel workation


A hotel is the easiest option. There are plenty of hotels to choose from with a variety of prices. Make sure your hotel room has a desk and free WiFi.



Want to enjoy your workation with a group of friends or colleagues? Consider a villa. That way the cost are lower and you’ll have plenty of workspace.

airbnb vacation


If you want a bit more space than a hotel, you should consider an apartment. You’ll have more amenities like a kitchen and living room.

“I plan workations 3 times a year – perfect break aways”

Get inspired

Work at great new inspiring locations. Enjoy the rest of your day at your own leisure. Combine your next holiday with a few days’ workation. Just to close off your work or start-up in a more relaxed manner.

Some people might take a workation for creative or strategic reasons. Some companies or teams plan it for team building or training purposes. 

There are simply too many reasons why a workation is a great option for you.

All you need is a laptop, mobile phone, great wifi, excellent coffee, and a fine hotel.

Get inspired during your workation

Workation time

You can call a single overnight trip a workation. Why not? Or the extra night on your weekend break. There is no fixed time frame for a workation.

One-night or two-night trips are common. Longer workations for a week can be perfect to fit into a work schedule. You can also go even longer – a month for example. 

Image replacement workation page
Workation time

How long?

The time you plan for your workation depends completely on yourself. It can depend on the location, the travel distance, and your budget. It can also depend on plans that surround your workation time.

If you are about to set off on your first workation – then plan a shorter trip for a starter. Try if a workation actually works for you.

Workation or workcation

Both words communicate: “ a combination of work and vacation”. Workation is simply the contraction of work and vacation. 

There is no real better or lesser word. Both mean the exact same. The preferred spelling seems to be: workation. 

Where to go on a workation?

You can go virtually anywhere for a workation. Far away to exotic locations or close by. Take a plane, drive your car or take a train to your temporary new place.

Decide where you want to go. Cities make great places for workations. Or if you prefer a more relaxing vibe, then you can look for a countryside location. 

Some people like the livelihood from an urban environment. Some people get their energy from more natural areas. Decide what would suit the best for your next workation. 

Where to go on a workation?

Locations to choose from

Make up a list of locations that you could consider for a workation. From the preparations for your trip, some will maintain at the top of the list. Some other locations will fall short. 

Make sure to keep the list somewhere. So that you do not have to start your research completely over again if you go on the next workation.

Workation areas?

Find a good, or even better, a great hotel to stay in. Here you find your base for a single day or a multi-day workation.

Workation – areas:

city area
beach area

Workation location

What makes a great location for a workation? There are many reasons why different locations could be the best for your workation.

It does not have to be the same type of location for every workation. You can try out different environments every time.

You can choose from so many different locations. It will all depend on quite a few factors.

Workation criteria:

your work
travel plans
work plans

You can pick a location that fits your work needs – and of course holiday wishes.

“Technology nowadays is perfectly fit to work from anywhere”

Things to consider

Next to the location consider your budget. Do you pay for everything yourself or do you receive (some) sponsorship? 

Some employers are quite supportive and willing to contribute to your workation.

The best thing you could do is to make up a list of preferences for your workation. Combine two aspects: work preferences and holiday preferences.

Workation work preferences:

busy versus quiet
individual versus small/larger groups
the type of work
number of days

Workation holiday preferences:

Things to consider

Workation hotel

comfortable room
free wifi (high-speed preferred)
pleasant desk
great chair
and of course good coffee or tea

Workation apartment


A few things you to consider before you go on. Plan ahead, finding the right location and hotel for your workation can take some time. 

Make a list of things you value for your work – and of course your holiday plans. If you want to make the most from your trip it would be a good idea to make up a checklist.

Keep your checklist somewhere central. Update it according to your experiences and requirements.

Workation – things to consider:

hotel preference
work times
leisure plans

Workation with who?

You can go solo or team up. Some people organize a small or large group for a joint workation. Find out what suits you best.

You can go with colleagues and or team members. You can also plan to make a workation with your partner. Why not?

Other options are to find other people to join you for a workation. As long as you set out with the same intentions it could be a great experience.

More people, more fun

It may need a bit of planning. More people, more fun. Being together can make a great difference. Workwise it might not make a difference but for your holiday time, it will definitely bring a lot.

Make sure that you all agree on the same plan. Work time in the morning, relaxing in the afternoon (for example). Discuss it at forehand to make the best out of your workation time.

Things to consider:

with who?
what plan?
which location?
what purpose?
what agreements?
what budget?

Workation next steps

Are you inspired? Ready to try a workation? Then go out and make it happen.

Consider the following steps and get ready for your first or next workation.

Find a great workation location
Plan for the right period
Book your hotel
Prepare the work part
Go and enjoy

Additionally, plan your leisure time. What would make the workation great? The combination of both types of activities makes workation such an experience.

Visit that city, or country area or go out and be active. Once you planned out the perfect workation for you – go out and enjoy.

Workation next steps

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