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London hotel – workation hotel

Looking for a workation in London? We have hand selected the best hotels for your workation in London. A great and vibrant city with a large international community. 

English is widely spoken, so don’t worry. Find your hotel here and start your workation soon!

Workation hotel in London


9 best workation hotels London

Our handpicked selection of hotels in London


The Mandeville Hotel

  • Great location
  • Free WiFi
  • Meeting facilities

Melia White House Hotel

  • City view
  • Free WiFi
  • Business centre

Thistle Piccadilly

  • In the heart of London
  • Free WiFi
  • Fitness centre

The Chapter Mayfair Residence

  • Comfortable room
  • Free WiFi
  • Great work desk

Yotel London Shoreditch

  • Great air conditioning
  • Free WiFi
  • Excellent location near London center

Green Rooms

  • Great work desk
  • Free WiFi
  • Excellent breakfast

Park Grand London Kensington

  • Room service
  • Free WiFi
  • Good work desk

citizenM London Victoria Station

  • Comfortable rooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Shared lounge

Aloft London Excel

  • Amazing work desk
  • Free WiFi
  • Excellent restaurant

London workation – Hotel tips

As London is a very, very popular destination make sure to plan ahead. It is wise to book well in advance. It could also save you some serious money.

Plan & book ahead
Compare prices
Try different dates

Workation in London

A workation means the combination between: work + vacation. Sometimes it is written as: workcation – but that means exactly the same. 

Workations do not follow a fixed format. You are totally free to make any combination you want. Just a little bit of work or make it work focused with some leisure time.

However you want to plan your workation – London is a great city to go to.

To make the best out of your workation – here are some top spots and tips for your next workation in London.


“Give yourself a workation present – go out and experience it”

Workation apartments near London

Check out our selection of workation apartments near London

Sonder St Johns Garden apartment

Apartment in London

  • Great location
  • Free WiFi
  • Good work desk
Blueprint Living Apartments London

Apartment in London

  • 38 m²
  • Free WiFi
  • Good location
Suffolk Lane by Blueprint Living


  • Excellent location
  • Free WiFi
  • Comfortable room

Special workation deals London

Check out our special deals of hotels in London

Croydon Town Centre

  • Great location
  • Free WiFi
  • Low-budget

London City Shoreditch

  • Near Buckingham Palace
  • Free WiFi
  • Low-budget

London Heathrow

  • Airconditioning & heating
  • Free WiFi
  • Low-budget

London Luton

  • Near Stockwoord Discovery Centre
  • Free WiFi
  • Low-budget


  • Near Oxford street
  • Free WiFi
  • Low-budget

South Kensington

  • Close to the Science Museum
  • Free WiFi
  • Low-budget

Vacation side for your workation in London

For your vacation side of your workation in London – these are the things you need to know.

Find out about the nightlife
See the event or concert calendar
Stroll through the innercity
Go see that sports game
Check for some great museums
Go out and about in the surroundings

Work side for your workation in London

Your hotel will be your temporary base. To make the most out of your work time and plans – plan ahead.

Meet up with LinkedIn connections
Flexoffices – to work comfortably
Your favorite coffee spots – with WiFi
Business events or meetups
Trade shows

London workation – Nearby cities

Staying in a hotel near London – instead of the city itself – could have some advantages in price. Work in your hotel and spend some of the day in London. 

Check out the transportation options and timetables in advance. But finding a hotel in the area can save you some budget. Which you can then spend on other things.


“New environments – new insights
workations are most inspiring”

Workation – hotel prices

The budget required for your workation can depend on a few factors. For example:

Is your employer paying?
How much time do you want – or need – to stay?
Do you want to stay somewhere central?
TypePrice range (per night)
Budget€ 50 – € 100
Mid range€ 100 – € 150
Business€ 150 – € 200
Luxury€ 200 +
Hotel prices workation

Prices can vary a lot. Depending on your planned visit. If you are flexible and plan ahead you can probably save on your hotel stay.

All workation cities in the United Kingdom

> Brighton
> Birmingham
> Glasgow
> London
> Liverpool
> Manchester

Workation London – other options

If you do not prefer to stay in a hotel – then there are plenty of other options. Hotels can be anonymous, expensive or simply unavailable.

Luckily there are many other accommodation options that you can look for in London.

Other locations:

Short or longer stay apartments
Find a great location on AirBnB
Hostelling might suit your budget
House swap or couchsurfing
Or even camping – why not :)?

London workation – when to go?

It can be very busy at certain times in London. That might just be the reason to go of course – but consider that prices can go up.

Frequently asked questions

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More on workations

Are you enthusiastic about your next workation – please have a look around this website. You will find everything you need for your next workation.

These are the top 5 starters to plan and get the most out of your next workation.

> How to plan a workation?
> Tips and tricks for working from a hotel room
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Workation – making it perfect

What could make your workation perfect? We would like your input – requests – feedback on whatever you want or need from your workation. 

To help you in providing us with the relevant feedback, please continue to our 1 – minute feedback form here.

Feel free to drop us your comments and requests. It will help us improve our content in and in finding the right spot for your next workation.

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