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Workation what is it?


Workation why?

Why not? Why could you not try a workation? Or you can turn it around: why work at the office? There are so many reasons why it can be a great experience. 

Do you need some extra inspiration? Do you need some focused time to finish that special project? Or do you simply want to work somewhere else?


“I plan workations 3 times a year – perfect break aways”

Workation planning

As with every regular business trip or holiday. Planning ahead will help you get the best out of your time away.

There are many factors that you can think about when planning your workation.

Workation planning:

working plans
time of year
length of stay
business reasons
holiday seasons
travel style

These factors – and many more – you can take into account when planning your workation trip.


1 – Working plans

Workation implicates a combination of work and holiday. As you can holiday virtually everywhere, you might need some more planning for the business side.

Below is a short list of considerations for the work side of your next workation.

Workation planning:

what kind of work can you do?
how do you keep in touch?
what environment is required?
how long can you stay away?
what agreements with your employer?

2 – Time of year

Some periods in the year are extremely suitable for your workation. While others, for example in the holiday seasons could fit less.

Peak seasons make traveling more costly and it will be busier. You might want to avoid the high season for these reasons.

Workation time:

when are the high/low seasons?
what are the prices?
what area do you go to?
is there availability (and some choice)?
can you be flexible?

3 – Workation location

Plenty of locations to choose from. This can also be a big choice. Where to go? Where to stay? What do you want to do or achieve?

Take some time and plan ahead. This will ensure that your workation could work out perfectly.

Workation location:

location style (hotel, apartment, etc)
what budget?
how to get there?
comfort level?
work or holiday preferences?

Take a look at all the workation destinations you can go to.

Workations in Europe >>


4 – Length of workation

You can start to try it out first. A one-night workation trip for a starter could give you a feeling about it.

Or you can dive in directly and plan a week or even longer. It depends on your preferences, your work requirements, and your budget.

Some people organize a number of short workations during the year. Some people plan one longer trip. Others make several combinations. It is completely up to you. 

There is no fixed format for your workation. You can tailor it to your needs.

Workation duration:

one day/one night
two days/two nights
one week
a month
or even longer

5 – Business reasons

You can plan your workation at any time. But you can also consider some business reasons to travel and then combine them with holiday plans.

There are always enough reasons to keep you at the office. So have a look through the below arguments to get out.

Business reasons

projects to finish
creative sessions
strategy plans
trade shows
and so on

All of the above are valid reasons to get out of your office. You do not really need one – but these could help to actually plan and get out there.

6 – Holiday reasons

There is always a reason for a holiday. You do need to get out and about every now and then.

Why not make the best of your time and add some work to it. That way you can expand your stay and still keep in touch workwise.

Holiday reasons:

cities to explore
countries to visit
areas to go to
seasonal plans
special attractions to visit
and so on

Once you have found your reasons or inspiration for your workation. Then go out and find out where exactly you want to travel to.

Take a look at all the workation destinations you can go to.

Workations in Europe >>

7 – Destinations

Once you find your reasons for your workation. Take a look at all the destinations you can go to.

Make sure it covers your preferences for work and the holiday part. 

Workwise you will need a good place to get your work and projects done. Holiday wise you will want to explore something and enjoy your free time.

Workation destinations:

areas to go to
countryside areas
beachside areas
mountainside areas

8 – Budget

The big question is most often the budget. How much do you need? How much can you afford? How much will it all cost?

There are so many factors that influence this. It is not really possible to advise on a total budget.

You can make up a travel budget. Plus a daily budget. This way it can give you a good overview of the cost you can expect.

Workation budget factors:

travel distance
means of transport
length of stay
comfort level
out-of-pocket costs

Another huge factor is the contribution you can get from your employer. Some will be happy to contribute. Some employers will however not sponsor you.

Discuss this in advance. So you can take the employer’s contribution into your budget.

9 – Travel style

Everybody has their own style of traveling. Some will want to stay on a shoestring or modest budget. Some want luxurious trips without constraints.

Pick the style that suits you. I will help to set a budget beforehand and then decide on the various options.

10 – Workation with who?

You can go solo or team up. Some people organize a small or large group for a joint workation. Find out what suits you best.

You can go with colleagues and or team members. You can also plan to make a workation with your partner. Why not?

Other options are to find other people to join you for a workation. As long as you set out with the same intentions it could be a great experience.

Why work at the office?

A few days working away from the office is great for some inspiration!

Combining work and holiday in one trip makes it a workation. You can just make it one day, a few days, or a week. Work and holidaying are a great combination for many people.

Advantages of a workation:

a break from the office
work at inspiring places
flexible work hours
relaxation in a new environment
meeting new people
focused time for a special project
and many more

“Technology nowadays is perfectly fit to work from anywhere”

Workation locations

Where to go? Where to stay? We have made this website to help you in finding your perfect workation.

Workation in Europe
Workation in Germany
Workation in Italy
Workation in Spain
Workation in the Netherlands
Workation in the United Kingdom


Workation – get started

Ready to support a workation within your company? Then go out and discuss the workations options internally.

Consider the following steps and get ready for your first company workation.

Discuss the workation options
Find the right agreement
Book the workation hotel
Prepare the work part
Go and enjoy

Additionally, plan your leisure time. What would make the workation great? The combination of both types of activities makes workation such an experience.

Visit that city, or country area or go out and be active. Once you planned out the perfect workation for you – go out and enjoy.

Workation or workcation

Both words communicate: “ a combination of work and vacation”. Workation is simply the contraction of work and vacation. 

There is no real better or lesser word. Both mean the exact same. The preferred spelling seems to be: workation.

Interested? Find your perfect workation!

Look at all the locations we handpicked for you.