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Workation for employers

It is a big trend nowadays. Workations! It is growing weekly in popularity.

As an employer what can you do with workations? Do you need to do something with it? Or not of course. There a plenty of factors to consider. In this article, we focus primarily on the employer side.

Workation what is it?


Workation or workcation

Both words communicate: “ a combination of work and vacation”. Workation is simply the contraction of work and vacation. 

There is no real better or lesser word. Both mean the exact same. The preferred spelling seems to be: workation. 

Workation why?

Why not? Why could you not try a workation? Or you can turn it around: why work at the office? There are so many reasons why it can be a great experience. 

Do you need some extra inspiration? Do you need some focused time to finish that special project? Or do you simply want to work somewhere else?


“I plan workations 3 times a year – perfect break aways”

Workation business reasons

There are always enough reasons to keep everybody in the office. But why not find that perfect match to give your employees an option for a workation.

So have a look through the below arguments for supporting your team to take a workation.

Business reasons

projects to finish
creative sessions
strategy plans
trade shows
and so on

All of the above are valid reasons to get out of your office. You do not really need one – but these could help to actually plan and get out there.


Workation locations

Once you find your reasons for your workation. Take a look at all the destinations you can go to.

Workwise you will need a good place to get the work and projects done. Having a comfortable place with great wifi is a must-have.

Workation destinations:

countryside areas
beachside areas
mountain areas

Workation budget

The big question is most often the budget. How much do you need? How much do you want to spend?

The largest part of the travel budget is mostly: transport and hotel costs. By planning ahead you can save some serious budget here.

Regarding the budget, there are many factors to consider. 

Workation budget factors:

travel distance
means of transport
length of stay
comfort level
the type of accommodation
business necessity
out-of-pocket costs

Employer workation budget:
For an employer, it may help to set some clear budget guidelines internally. For example a yearly workation allowance. This can be a fixed amount or flexible.

As an employer, you can separate some budget factors that you will or won’t cover. Think of: travel costs, hotel costs, out-of-pocket costs, telecommunication costs, etc.

Discuss this in advance. So there will not be any unpleasant surprises afterward.

Workation for individuals

Workations can be enjoyed in different settings. Some employees like to go out on their own. Others prefer a team setting.

Workations for individual team members can be easier to arrange. It does not require so much planning or support (in most cases).

Workation individual factors:

who is going
work agreements

Make sure to communicate the workation trip in advance. Both internally to the company and team members. But also to clients and external team members.


Workation for teams

Workations can be undertaken solo or with a complete team. Some people organize a small or large group for a joint workation. Find out what suits best for your company and working environment.

In the case of team workations, there are a few more things to consider.

Workation team factors:

team members
work agreements

Most importantly: make sure to get the right agreement on work time versus holiday time. This could help big time in making it a very memorable workation trip.

Promoting workations

From an employer’s perspective you can even promote a workation. It might help to finish that special project, and find creativity. It could help in writing that strategic plan or out in other work areas.

Workations can be particularly useful for work that cannot be planned at the office. Think of strategy, creative, or brainstorming tasks.

If you actively support workation plans, then it can be quite helpful in drafting a workation policy.

Workation employer policy

The benefits of an employer workation policy are quite clear. It helps to establish clear guidelines on what is allowed and what is supported.

It also can give a clear guideline in terms of budget, expenses, work-related time, availability issues, project deadlines, and so on.

Why work at the office?

A few days working away from the office is great for some inspiration!

Combining work and holiday in one trip makes it a workation. You can just make it one day, a few days, or a week. Work and holidaying are a great combination for many people.

Advantages of a workation:

a break from the office
work at inspiring places
flexible work hours
relaxation in a new environment
meeting new people
focused time for a special project
and many more

“Technology nowadays is perfectly fit to work from anywhere”

Workation locations

Where to go? Where to stay? We have made this website to help you in finding your perfect workation.

Workation in Europe
Workation in Germany
Workation in Italy
Workation in Spain
Workation in the Netherlands
Workation in the United Kingdom


Workation – get started

Ready to support a workation within your company? Then go out and discuss the workations options internally.

Consider the following steps and get ready for your first company workation.

Discuss the workation options
Find the right agreement
Book the workation hotel
Prepare the work part
Go and enjoy

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Interested? Find your perfect workation!

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